B Vocational in Early Child Development

B. Voc in Early Child Development 

(In Partnership with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai)

Duration: 3 Years

Admission Intake: 1st May-1st June

The B.VOC program for Early Child Development is an integrated work program that helps the students acquire all the prerequisite skills to become an effective Early Childhood Educator. The enables students to gain knowledge to ensure that the students can apply the methods and bring them to practice. The course combines theory and practice to provide a holistic learning experience to the students and prepares them for future job roles. As the importance of Early Childhood Education has grown many folds and with an increase in the number of early childhood centers, the for a child-centric holistic program is on the rise which has led to a demand for functionaries in ICDS, NGOs and commercial organizations offering the ECD Programs.

Course Structure


ECD 1.1 Child Growth and Development – Part 1

ECD 2.1 Introduction to Teaching and Learning Strategies

ECD 3.1 Personal and Professional Development

CD 4.1 Introduction to the Rights of the children

GE 1.1 English – I

GE 2.1 Communications Skills – I

ECDP – 1 Vocational Practical


ECD 5.1 Children in the Indian Context

CD 6 Diversities in families and communities

CD 7.1 Introduction to Children with Special Needs

ECD 8.1 ECCD Programs in India

ECD 9.1Health, Hygiene and Safety Part 1

GE 1.2 English – II

GE 2.2 Communication Skills – II

ECDP – 2 Vocational Practical


ECD 1.2Child Growth and Development Part 2

ECD 3.2 Personal and Professional development Part 2

ECD 4.2Rights of children: linking theory and practice

CD 10.1 Approaches to ECCD and Assessment

GE 2.3Communication Skills – III

GE 3.1 Basic Computing Course – I

ECDP – 3 Vocational Practical


ECD 9.2 Health Hygiene and Safety Part 2

ECD 11.1 Children with Special needs Part 1

CD 13.1Partnering with Parents and Community

ECD 14.1 ECCD Centers: Organization and Management Part 1

GE 2.4 Communication Skills – IV

E 3.2 Basic Computing Course- II

CDP – 4 Vocational Practical


ECD 1.3Child Growth and Development Part 3

ECD 3.3 Personal and Professional Development Part 3

ECD 4.3 Rights of the Children – ECCE Program Implications

ECD 15.1 Curriculum Planning and Assessment

GE 4.1Basics of Accounts

E 5.1 Livelihood – I

E 6.1 Finishing School – I

ECDP – 5 Vocational Practical


ECD 11.2 Children with Special Needs Part 2

CD 14.2 ECCD Centres: Organization and management Part 2

ECD 16.1 ECCD Programs – Global Perspective

GE 4.2 Basics of Accounts – II

GE 5.2 Livelihood- II

GE 6.2 Finishing School – III

ECDP – 6 Vocational Practical


Nivedita Adams

Programme Manager, B. Voc, NISWASS

Phone: +91 7683922830

E-mail :Nivedita.adams@niswass.org