Pre-Doctoral course in Social Work

Pre-Doctoral Coursework in Social Workand Applied Social Sciences

The department of social work enjoys the privilege of operating as the Nodal Centre for the Utkal University to conduct pre-doctoral coursework programme in Social Work.

Social Research Methodology Course for Ph.D. Scholars in Social Work and Applied Social Sciences

Course structure

  • Dimensions of Social Work Research
  • Theory and Research
  • Approaches in Social Science Research:
  • Positivist, Interpretive, Critical, Feminist and Post Modern
  • Research Designs – Quantitative and Qualitative Orientation in Social Work Research
  • Quantitative Design Issues: Variables and Hypotheses, Causal Relationships and Hypothesis
  • Formulation of Research Question and hypotheses
  • Quantitative Social Work Research: Experiment Research, Survey Research, Content Analyis
  • Qualitative Design Issues 1: Cases and Contexts
  • Qualitative Design Issues 2: Grounded Theory, Bricolage, Interpretation
  • Refining Research Topics: Qualitative Social Work Research
  • Qualitative Social Work Research: Field Research, Historical – Comparative Study
  • Quantitative Measurement: Conceptualization and Operationalization
  • Quantitative Social Work Research – Reliability and Validity
  • Quantitative Measurement – Construction
  • Quantitative Measurement – Scales
  • Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Sampling
  • Non-Probability Sampling – I
  • Non-Probability Sampling – II
  • Probability Sampling – I
  • Probability Sampling – II
  • Qualitative Data Collection
  • Data Collection in Experimental Research
  • Data Collection in Survey Research – Steps in Conducting a Survey, Constructing the Questionnaire, Types of Surveys, Interviewing
  • Data Mining and Secondary Research – Documentation, Content Analysis, Secondary Analysis
  • Qualitative Measurement – Conceptualization and Operationalization
  • Qualitative Data Collection in Field Research
  • Qualitative Data Collection in Evaluation Research
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Data Analysis using SPSS
  • Handling Data – Coding Data, Entering Data, Cleaning Data
  • Univariate Analysis – Frequency Distribution, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Variation
  • Bivariate Analysis – Bivariate Tables, Measures of Correlation
  • Multivariate Analysis – Constructing Trivariate Tables, Regression Analysis
  • Quantitative Data Analysis using SPSS: Inferential Statistics
  • Qualitative Data Analysis – Concept Formation
  • Methods of Qualitative Data Analysis

Contact: Dr Sashmi Nayak

Professor – Department of Social Work


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