Certificate Course in Pali Language

Certificate Course in Pali language

Duration – 6 month

Pali language has made a significant contribution in redrawing the Social, Economic and Political fabric of India. The essential Buddhist inscriptions and rock edicts in India are written in Pali language. So, learning Pali opens an avenue to the storehouse of Buddhist knowledge and wisdom-learning of this language is essential for research students of history philosophy archaeology besides Buddhist studies.  Certificate course in Pali language is open to all who wish to pursue their careers in academics, postsecondary teaching, business, law, and counseling.  This certificate course offers career opportunities as religious vocations and researcher in the fields of writing and publishing such as the study of sutras and traditions.


  • Pali grammar: Sanna, Sandhi, karaka
  • History of Pali language and literature
  • Linguistic Position of Pali Language
  • Origin of Pali
  • Home land of Pali
  • Classification of Buddha Vacchana
  • Sutta Pitaka
  • Vinaya Pitaka
  • Abhiddhamma Pitaka
  • Development of Pali Commentarial literature and major Pali Commentators:
  • Buddhadatta, Buddhaghosa, Dhammapala
  • Non canonical and Non Commentarial Pali literature
  • Milindapanho, Nettipakarana, Petakopades


Dr Praveen Kumar

Head – Department of Buddhist Studies

Email: praveen.kumar@niswass.org

Phone: +91 7205545461