Educational Multi-media & Research Center

Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC)

Educational Multimedia Research Centre was established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in Bhubaneswar under a tripartite MoU between UGC, Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) and NISWASS. The University Grants Commission fully funds the Media Centre and supervised by EMRC, Bhubaneswar is first of its kind in the entire state of Odisha. The Primary vision is to reach the unreached; to disseminate education through the technology of satellite television, internet, and webcasting to the students in the remotest parts of the country.

Hence it is the constant endeavor of EMRCs to get the best teachers from across the country to deliver high-quality lectures to be telecast on Gyan Darshan and Vyas, the 24 hours higher educational channel. With the advent of the internet, the activities of EMRC has also diversified, in addition to the educational television programmes, it is also active in developing e-content and e-learning packages for web-based education and webcasting through the National Knowledge Network.

Educational Multimedia Research Centre is well equipped with the state-of-the-art studio and post-production facility making it a frontline centre for educational television productions and Multimedia courses. The primary mandate of EMRC is:

  • To produce educational documentaries on all subjects to complement and supplement the regular undergraduate curriculum.
  • To record syllabus-oriented video lectures of selected UG subjects from the approved model curriculum of UGC.
  • To develop e-content programmes for web-based education and the upcoming Virtual University and National Knowledge Network

The Extension activities of EMRC include organizing regular workshops and seminars to train the interested faculty of all the Universities in the state in TV presentation skills, development of television and e-content scripts and to provide internship programmes to PG students of mass communication across the state of Odisha.