M.A. in Rural Management and Gandhian Studies

Masters in Rural Management and Gandhian Studies

(Affiliated with Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar, Odisha)

Duration: Two-Year

Admission Intake: 1st June – 30th August

Masters in Rural Management and Gandhian Studies have a strong focus on the Gandhian way of rural development with the use of rural management techniques which can address various socio-economic problems in the rural areas in a challenging and changing global environment. Masters in Rural Management and Gandhian Studies is for graduates and professionals who want to pursue their careers in NGOs, GOs, Corporates, Cooperatives, Producers’ companies, and business. This degree also offers career opportunities in the field of academics and research.

Course structure


MRGFC-01 Introduction to Management

MRGFC-02 Rural Management and Gandhian Vision

MRGFC-03 Managerial Economics

MGRFC-04 Rural Society

MRGFC-05 Rural Entrepreneurship and Industrialization

MRGFC-06 Community Field Work-I


MRGPC-01 Local Governance and Panchayati Raj System

MRGPC-02 NGO and Project Management

MRGPC-03 Development Economics

MRGPC-04 Organizational Behavior

MRGPC-05 Community Field Work-II

Discipline Specific Elective-I (Any one)

MRG (DSE-I-1) Human Resource Management

MRG (DSE-I-2) Corporate Social Responsibility

MRG (DSE-I-3) Environment Management-MKM


MRGPC-06 Financial Management

MRGPC-07 Rural Marketing Management

MRGPC-08 Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques

MRGPC-09 Agency Field Work

Discipline Specific Elective-II (Any one)

MRG(DSE-II-1) Agribusiness Management

MRG(DSE-II-2) Disaster Management

MRG(DSE-II-3) Cooperative Management

Generic Elective-(Any one)

MRGGE-01 Human Rights

MRGGE-02 Community Development

MRGGE-03 Communication Skills: Theory


MRGCP-10 Accounting for Rural Management

MRGCP-11 Rural Livelihood Management

MRGCP-12 Rural Finance and Banking

MRGCP-13 Natural Resource Management

MRGCP-14 Dissertation

MRGCP-15 Internship

MRG(SEC)-01 Computer Application and MIS


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