B.A. in Social Work

B.A Social Work

(Affiliated with Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha)

Duration: 3 Years (Six Semesters)

Admission Intake: 1st June – 30th August

BA in Social Work offers knowledge and practice on the intricate mores, diverse socio-cultural milieu, social and personal constraints against which the philosophy and practice of social work thrive. The course aims to teach positive motivation and active interest in social service while endowing students with the adequate scientific knowledge, appropriate skills, and competence in social work and community action. 

BA in Social Work is for the aspiring social work professionals who wish to pursue their careers with government, private, corporate, national and international agencies. Social workers graduate serves ascommunity and programme officers, relief and rehabilitation officers, research officers,development programme coordinators, and counselors. Social work professionals also join the bureaucracy and local level administration to serve the community and even set up their non-profit organization.


CC-01    MIL-I/(O/A.E)

CC-02    Working with Individual

CC-03    Concept, History and philosophy of Social Work

AECC-01MIL Communication (Odiya/English)


CC-04 English -I

CC-05    Working with Groups

AECC-02 Environmental Studies

GE-01 (i) Social science concepts-I, Society and social problems

GE-01 (ii) Man and Society


CC-06    MIL-II (O/A.E)

CC-07    Working with Communities and social Action

CC-08    Social Work Research

SEC-01  Computer Skill


CC-09 English – II

CC-10    Social Welfare Administration

SEC-02  Health Management

DSE-01 (i) Development Rights and Services for children

DSE-01 (ii) Youth and development


CC-11 Social Policy and Planning

CC-12    Project Work

SEC-03  Counseling Skills

DSE-02 (i) Development of SC/ST and Minority

DSE-01 (ii) Women’s Development


GE-02 (i) Social Science Concept –II, Human Growth and development and Dynamics of Behaviours

GE-02 (i) Human Growth and Personality Development

SEC-04  Project Management Skills

DSE-03 (i)Development of Persons with Disabilities

DSE-01 (ii)Geriatric Social Work

DSE-04  NGO Management/Disaster Management


Lalit Soreng

Assistant Professor – Department of Social Work

Email: lalitchristopher@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9938104803