National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences, with its well known acronym ‘NISWASS’ was founded in 1971 by Dr. Radhakant Nayak, Former Secretary to Government of India. The Institute has been registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 with the objective of supplementing the efforts of Governments in helping communities that are struggling to come up on their own. It sought to realise the vision of an Institute engaging itself in research, consultancy, training and action programmes in social, economic, educational, and cultural spheres. The difference in the approach of NISWASS is undertaking these in an integrated manner, for the growth and development of the disadvantaged, the poorest of the poor.

NISWASS has decided to empower the Scheduled Caste and the Tribes and the other deprived sections, including the Other Backward Classes, whom we call the Developing Communities or the people of the Fourth World. The ultimate goal of NISWASS is to struggle for the rights which these deprived people deserve.

NISWASS focuses on dealing with complex social problems and their solutions. It is wholly dedicated to create complete professionals who tangibly help the deprived and downtrodden developing both intellectually and economically.

The lived history of NISWASS, also indicates that NISWASS is a product of an open space and provides an open agenda for dialogues, discussions and interactions among all individuals, groups and communities belonging to diverse classes and compositions, who have been in the helm of its affairs, in its management structure and other leading roles in the academia and in the administration. These pillars of NISWASS, who are also its stakeholders, are liberal, secular and democratic iconoclasts, who have contributed to the Vision, Mission and Values of NISWASS; negating ordinarily held notions of conservatism and casteism, orthodoxy and obscurantism. We salute their conviction and commitment.