MA in Buddhist Studies

MA in Buddhist Studies

(Affiliated with Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar, Odisha)
Duration: Two-Year
Admission Intake: 1st June – 30th August 

Masters in Buddhist studies have a strong focus on the teachings of philosophies of Buddha to resolve the different kinds of socio-political and economic problems which are challenging in a changing global environment. Masters in Buddhist Studies is for is for graduates and professionals who want to pursue their careers in academics, postsecondary teaching, business, law, and counseling.  This degree also offers career opportunities as religious vocations and researcher in the fields of writing and publishing such as the study of sutras and traditions.

Course structure

MBS 101 History of Buddhism in India
MBS 102 Buddhist Philosophy
MBS 103 Buddhist Language & Literature
MBS 104 Buddhism in Odisha
MBS 105 Socially Engaged Buddhism

MBS 201 Origin and Development of Buddhism in India and their Philosophy
MBS 202 History of Indian Buddhism from the Murya till Harsha
MBS 203 Buddhist Text
MBS 204 History of Buddhism Outside India
MBS 205 Buddhist Architecture and Art

BS 301 Buddhism and Science
MBS 302 Buddhist Ethics
MBS 303 Pali Vamsa Literature
MBS 304 Buddhism and Social Change
MBS 305 Early History Cities and Settlements

MBS 401 Buddhist Logic and Epistemology
MBS 402 Buddhist Philosophy of Language and Dialects
MBS 403 Influence of Buddhism on Chinese Culture
MBS 404 History of Buddhism and Revival of Buddhism in India’
MBS 405 Origin and Development of Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy

Dr Praveen Kumar
Head – Department of Buddhist Studies
Phone: +91 7205545461