Buddhist Management

Certificate Course In Buddhist Management 

  • Principles of Management, Elements of Management, Functions of Management.
  • Introduction to Buddhist Management.
  • Comparison of the two styles of Management Advantages of Buddhist Management.
  • What is SAMYAK, Concept of SAMYAK and OPTIMISATION.
  • What is WIN-WIN situation? SAMYAK Management Historical Background Of Buddha, Dhamma And Sangha. Life and teachings of Buddha.
  • Basics of Buddhism – Four Noble Truths, Panchsheel, The Eightfold Path, Four Brahma-Vihars, Triple Gem.
  • Contemporary brief history of ancient Buddha’s India, The Magadha Empire.
  • Terms to be explained – Bhikshu, Pravrajya, Shamner, Sthavir, Shasta, Arhat, Nibban, Sampada, Samapatti, Shotapanna Etc.
  • Introduction to Pali language and six volumes of Jtaka Sangitis, Buddhghosh and Bhadant Anand Kosalyayan.
  • Jatak and Market, Translations of Jatak.
  • Understanding Jatak Atthakatha.
  • Literary style of Jatak Atthakathas.
  • Myths about Jatak.
  • Birth narratives to Management Case-Studies.
  • Bodhisattva – Concept, Bodhisattva and Buddha. Bodhisattva a SAMYAK Manager.
  • Study of Jatak tales related to Indiscipline, Disobedience, Pilferage, Ragging, Education.

Diploma Course In Buddhist Management

Duration :- 1 Year

2 – Semester Program

3 Papers In each Semester

  • Paper 1 :- Introduction to Buddhism; Short History of Buddhism In India, Previous Buddhas and Gautam Buddha, Dhamma and Tripitak, Effect of Dhamma on society and other religions.
  • Paper 2 :- Pali Language and Grammar.
  • Paper 3 :- Principles and elements of Modern Management.
  • Paper 4 :- Principles and elements of Buddhist Management. Proto-type, Model, Stereo-type, Simulation, Simulation Model. Similarities of monastic and households, Management of Vihars, Application of Vihar case -studies to the outside world, Duties of Monks and Sthavirs.
    • Paper 5 :- Jatak :- Anatomy of Jatak Atthakatha, salient features, Bodhisattva and SAMYAK.
    • Paper 6 :- Study of selected Jatak tales related to :

    (a) Management of Corruption.

    (b) Management of Marital relations.

    (c) Management of Education

    • PROJECT – Formation of a Jataka Tale.

Advanced Diploma in Buddhist Management 

MBS 201 Origin and Development of Buddhism in India and their Philosophy
MBS 202 History of Indian Buddhism from the Murya till Harsha
MBS 203 Buddhist Text
MBS 204 History of Buddhism Outside India
MBS 205 Buddhist Architecture and Art

Duration – 18 months

Papers – 9

  • Paper 1 : History of Buddhism.
  • Paper 2 : Buddhist Pali Literature.
  • Paper 3 : Jatak Atthakatha (6 volumes).
  • Paper 4 : Classification of Jataka Tales according to areas of Management.
  • Paper 5 : Comparative study of Modern and Buddhist Management.
  • Paper 6 : Translated Jataka Tales (Indian Languages).
  • Paper 7 : Jataka Tales from abroad.
  • Paper 8 : Pali AtthaKathas (other than Jatak).

Paper 9 : Jataka Tales and Buddhist art and culture (Sculpture, Architecture, iconography, Paintings, Murab, Thanka).