Continual learning, Training and Career Solutions

Schools are moving toward a model of continuous, lifelong learning to meet the needs of today’s economy. The third wave in education is likely to be marked by continual training throughout a person’s lifetime—to keep current in a career, to learn how to complement rising levels of automation, and to gain skills for new work, says Jeffery Selinga in his thought-provoking article The Third Education Revolution in the Atlantic.


It is in this context that continual learning demands to expand our ability to learn by regularly upgrading our skills and expertise and this will require regular training to strengthen skills, efficiency, and productivity as needed by the industry and contemporary work conditions. In an era of the global economy and transnational migration in search of better-quality life, students would need short-term, hands-on training followed by advising, mentoring and placement assistance by the qualified professionals.


The Centre for Continual learning, Training and Career Solutions at NISWAAS aims to provide Professional Resume Writing Services to ensure better job opportunities and options for the students including training which will help students in bagging the right career path. Career Solutions consultancy at NIWSASS aims to at paving the way for every student’s benefit and success.


 We offer following courses as a part of continual learning, training and career solutions:


Digital marketing: Digital channels and social media are the emerging modern marketing tools. All the functions in public and the private enterprises involve digital platforms. That’s why every individual demands the basic knowledge & techniques which are being used commonly in digital marketing.

Retail management:  The Retail sector is on the rise, and there is enormous employment potential with specific career path and prospects. Students with their completed higher secondary can take up a course in Retail Management.

Event management: If you have excellent communication skills and networking ability and if you were always at the forefront of organizing events, you are an ideal candidate for the event management course and career.

Short-term course and consultancy in writing a Resume: An impressive and eye-catching resume with your professional strength is key to success. The professional career counselor and recruiter conducts this course. This course will enable you to convert your existing resume into an ‘asset statement’ that communicates your talents and expertise in the language that an employer eventually appreciates.