Hospitality, Wellness and Happiness

Hospitality industry is one of the critical drivers of growth among the other service sectors with sub-sectors such as accommodation (hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and camping) food and beverage (restaurants, franchises, catering, and food trucks), travel (airlines, cruise ships, private jets and charters), tourism (excursions, tour packages, destination management), events (festivals, concerts, conferences, fashion shows), sports & recreation, and retail. A prime part of the hospitality industry, hotel management is global and thus, has wide-spread employment opportunities and is expected to rise.


The wellness industry and the global wellness tourism is rapidly evolving as an active and growing sector today. With health and wellness becoming mainstream, this industry expects a massive boom in the coming years. And the global wellness real estate market is one of the fastest-growing wellness sectors in the world. Linked to wellness is the sustainable happiness. We all have our theories about happiness and fulfilling life, but happiness is inseparably connected to having strong social connections, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and ultimately positive psychology. Thus, gaining a deeper insight from an empirical, evidence-based perspective of the of the science of happiness is paramount.


Keeping in mind the industry trends and emerging job opportunities, Centre for Hospitality, Wellness, and Happiness at NISWASS plans to offer degree, diploma and certificate courses from July 2019 session:


  • Bachelor in Tourism and Travel Management

  • Bachelor in Hotel Management

  • Diploma Course in House Keeping, Front Office, F&B Production and Service

  • Certificate Course in House Keeping, Front Office, F&B Production and Service

  • Certificate course in Buddhism, Meditative practices and Happiness

  • Certificate course in Health, Wellbeing and Happiness

  • Diploma/ Certificate course in Buddhist Tourism