Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies


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Brief Description of the Course

Lord Buddha started a new way of life during 6th Century B.C. His teaching paved the way to a Socio-religious movement against Vedic Culture and was later known as Buddhism. Buddhism denied all the existing Practices of Vedic system and propounded its own ideas based on scientific and practical- outlook. It talked about human enlightment- in place of God and Almighty.

The Philosophy and ethics which Buddha Propagated long back is quite relevant and significant for the present day globalizing world-Buddhist-Philosophy that consists of Sila, Samadhi and Panna, eight fold path, Brahna Vihara (Mudita, Karuna, Upekha) is quite relevant for us today. Besides the social work that was carried out by the Buddhist Missionaries and the methods,that they adopted centuries ago are still considered as the basis of the modern sociology. The role of the Buddhist Studies in restoration of the past history of our land is well known. The contribution towards building of Indian philosophy as a whole is evident to every thinker. Their psychology in the form of the Abhidhamma Philosophy is acknowledged to be the Precursor of many areas of latter discipline. In addition the study of ancient, medieval and modern language has full relevance with the languages that the Buddha and the Buddhist adopted and enriched during our hoary past and thereby produced literature that are still the model for the contemporary modern author.

In short there is not a single branch of learning which does not owe its origin or growth to the Buddhist Studies as a whole. Thus the relevance of Buddhism is amply proved and cannot be brushed aside. Moreover in spite of the fact that Buddhism has contributed a lot to the sum total of various branches of the social sciences, it has not been properly interpreted and understood from the stand point of India’s Social Consciousness. Thus in order to fill this void, the centre for Buddhist Studies in NISWASS is running a P.G. Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies in order to establish a coherent integrative and above all a non- exploitative, Socio-Political and economic order.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies aims at imparting knowledge about Buddhism. This Course encompasses basis tenets of Buddhism. The origin and development of different sects and schools, their ideologies, their literature and law, different projections and modifications of Buddhism.

There are five papers:

  • Indian Buddhist Philosophy
  • History of Buddhism In India and Abroad
  • Pali Language and Literature
  • Buddhist ethics
  • Socially Engaged Buddhism
Duration –One year
Course Schedule – The Classes will be held on every Monday and Friday from 2.00 P.M. to 4.00 P.M at NISWASS, 3, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar Eligibility – Candidates with Bachelor Degree in any discipline Course Fee – 3,000/- Certification – After the completion of one year candidate will be provided certificate by the Institute Course Coordinator – Dr. Praveen Kumar, Asst. Professor, NISWASS Mobile No. – 0720554546 Office Phone No. – (0674) 2300135, 2300052
N.B : Those who are admitted to this course will be getting facilities of learning English, knowledge of computer