Towards sustainable societies: CSR  and social entrepreneurship

National Conference on “Towards sustainable societies: CSR and social entrepreneurship”

National Institute of Social Work and Social Science

Bhubaneshwar, India, March 08 – 09, 2019

Corporates are the integral part of any nations progress, innovation, and development. With the role of corporates securitized with apprehensions, there is pressure for more social involvements. No doubt that the corporates have transformed lives and CSR has benefited public and has equally contributed to the growth of the corporations. With an amendment to the Indian Company Act of 2013, CSR now is mandatory to all Indian companies, and they are mandated to channel 2% of average net profits of three years towards CSR implementing initiatives to eradicate hunger, promote education and rural sport, protect national heritage, and work for environmental sustainability among others.

While CSR is socially driven, social enterprises are the businesses to create and share affluence among the poor as the primary stakeholders. Social entrepreneurships have the potential to mainstream social enterprises to help the marginalized to be the partners in developing inclusive and sustainable economies. By focusing on social entrepreneurship, corporate leaders ultimately focus on the social elements of business. CSR and social entrepreneurship have similar goals of societal impact and strive towards sustainable development, and most importantly social entrepreneurs embed CSR in their business models from start-ups to sustain growth.

The conference on “Towards sustainable societies: Corporate social responsibilities and social entrepreneurships” aims to bring together leading experts and thought leaders from the industry, non-profits, and academics to present their research findings, case studies, insights, strategies, techniques and emerging trends in the areas of corporate social responsibilities and social entrepreneurships in an era of emergent new media technologies. The multidisciplinary approach of the conference aims to analyse the role of CSR and social entrepreneurships in the context of policy-making, stakeholder engagement, accountability, and transparency which ultimately contribute to the social good.

This conference will provide opportunities for the delegates from different sectors to exchange new ideas and applications, to establish research relations and to find partners for future collaborations. Submitted papers will be peer reviewed by the committees of the Conference. The Certificate for Excellent Papers will be awarded after each session of the conference and the proceedings of the conference will be published by a reputed journal which will be notified later.


The main themes of the conference are not limited to these, and are:

  • CSR and social entrepreneurships: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

  • CSR, social entrepreneurships and social justice

  • CSR and social entrepreneurships–Cases and insights

  • CSR, social entrepreneurships, inclusion and sustainability

  • Economy, Investments, corporate social responsibilities and social entrepreneurships

  • Policies, regulations and the future of social entrepreneurships

  • CSR, social entrepreneurship and ethics

  • New age media, CSR initiatives and community engagement


  • Abstract Submissions: Jan 08, 2019

  • Full paper Submission: February 08, 2019

Registration Fee:

  • Author (Academia): INR 3500/

  • Author (Industry): INR 4000/

  • Author (Student): INR 2000/


Mohammed Firoz

Convener – National Conference on CSR and social entrepreneurship


Phone: +91 9319413908