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Journal of the Marginalized People
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The Fourth World, Journal of the Marginalized People is published bi-annually since April 1995 by NISWASS.

The Fourth World, Journal of the Marginalized People, aims at highlighting the worldly plight, problems and prospects of the marginalized people in India and elsewhere. These people constitute the Fourth World, the world within the third World and even within the Second and the First World.

The people of the Fourth World do not form a compact territorial community. They are forced to live wretchedly, en during exploitation, oppression, violence and numerous indignities. They inhabit all the worlds, no matter how these worlds are conceived and defined. The people of the Fourth World, voiceless as they are, support and sustain the other worlds by sacrificing their own identity, sustenance and solidarity.

The Fourth World, Journal of the Marginalized people seeks to give voice to the people of the Fourth World.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote understanding and appreciation of the cultural, social, economic and political reality in the Fourth World;
  • To encourage serious debates among the academicians, intellectuals, political leaders, administrators and activists about and appreciation of the problems faced by the people of the Fourth World.
  • To analyse the factors that help or hinder the uplift and progress of the people of the Fourth World;
  • To report experiments in India and elsewhere undertaken to help the people of the Fourth World overcome their disabilities; and
  • To encourage self-analysis and self-understanding among the intellectuals and activists among others of the Fourth World.
Periodicity Bi-annually in April and October
First Year of Publication April, 1995
Publisher and Printer NISWASS 3 Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar Odisha- 751023, India
  Ph: 0674-2300963/2300052
Email ambedkarchairniswass@gmail.com niswassbbsr@gmail.com
Website www.niswass.ac.in
ISSN 0971-665533

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