The Urban Health Centre of NISWASS functions in the slums of Rourkela City in the Sundargarh district of Odisha. Thirty-five slums with a population of 40,000 have been adoptedfor the programme. All the participants are slum dwellers, who live in a polluted environment as they cannot afford good sanitary conditions and better health services in the city. Amidst prosperity, and existence of excellent medical facilities, the people of these slums can ill afford and thus suffer from poor health. Most of the slum dwellers hail from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Communities. The programme is supervised by one of the Faculty Members of the Tribal Campus at Bihabandh, Sundargarh, and the said NRHM Centre also functions as a Field Work Placement Centre for the students of Bachelor’s of Social Work, of the Tribal campus. A special health camp was organised at Gyanpali Panchayat office with four doctors on 16 December, 2012. A total number of 550 people participated in the programme. The doctors who treated the patients and made the participants aware about different health issues are Dr.Linkan Pujari, Dr.Rajlaxmi Panigrahi, Dr.Manab Naik and Dr.KC Patnaik.

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